Visiting Aldea Rincon Chiquito


On the mountainous road between Zaragoza and Sn. Juan Comalapa, is the school that serves five mountains and the deep valleys in-between them. These children climb up to the highway in the cold, dark valleys where strawberries are grown for export. No machines here, but family groups, complete with machetes and dogs, spend their days […]

Good News from Chinjtinmit

Chinjtinmit 2

A new shipment of donated school supplies has arrived in this remote mountain village in the Western Highlands. Each student was given 6 pencils, 3 ink pens, a bottle of glue, a ruler, a box of map colors, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, and a brand new 100-page notebook. Instead of paying to ship heavy […]

A New Partner – HC&B

Our heartfelt thanks to Kerry Hilton, Executive Creative Director, at HC & B, Inc. for underwriting our winter fundraising campaign.  All the donations we receive are used for school supplies and operating expenses such as postage and envelopes.  Kerry enabled us to use all the funds we receive for school supplies shipped and purchased on […]

Austin Community College – Community Action Symposium

Last Spring, our founder, Doug Rhodenbaugh, was invited to be a Keynote Speaker at a Community Action Symposium, hosted by Austin Community College. His presentation, “Passion to Action..Organizing Your Vision and Community” was attended by hundreds of young activists, and culminated with an hour-long question and answer session that used The Pencil Project as a model for taking a sincere wish to help…through the planning of a Mission Statement…to a focused group of volunteers in action. Douglas Rhodenbaugh ACC Community Action Symposium presentation Douglas Rhodenbaugh at the ACC Community Action Symposium ACC Students in Action Executive Director for The Pencil Project  Read More

Summer Mission success

Dear Friends of The Pencil Project Thankful As we count our blessings this Thanksgiving, I would like to “Thank You” for a wonderful year at The Pencil Project. As emails come weekly from youth groups, school volunteer groups, Brownie troops⎯young American children acting in positive ways to impact their world⎯I want you to see how abundant this project is on both sides of the giving. These photos are from this year’s Summer Mission. Once the shipment reached Guatemala,... 

Quilt Raffle

Quilt Raffle 2014

A  $500 Folk Art “Tour of Guatemala” Bedspread Raffle chances $20 (100 tickets only) Pictured here is the Handmade  Guatemalan Quilt being raffled this year. Each panel is cut from a Guatemalan woman’s huipile (WHIP-EEL). Each village has its own distinctive design, dating back to Pre-Colombian times. Walking through a bus station, for example, one can see and identify where each woman was born, what Mayan dialect she will speak, and what region her husband lives in. Each piece-work... 

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